Millions of people who are either seat-bound or wheelchair-bound in the home are at serious risk of developing acute pressure sores as a direct result of using inappropriate seating.
Most seating aids for home use are made from only foam materials which may provide some comfort but do little to lessen the possibility of pressure sores developing.
The extra comfort is obtained with SupaSupport air-filled products because air reacts differently to pressure than a fixed material.
Pressure put on a specific place on the cushion, will give counter-pressure on other areas, specifically where the pressure is the lowest. The end result will be that the pressure on each point is equal. This is the so-called push-aside effect.
This is only the case with liquid (water) or gas elements (air). In other words, independent of length, weight, or position of the person, the cushion will always adjust itself again and again giving those areas of the body which apply the most pressure the opportunity to do so without discomfort, but at the same time supporting those parts of the body applying less pressure.
The SupaSupport product range includes comfort and pressure redistribution cushions which can be used as a domestic pressure sore relieving cushion as well as a wheelchair cushion. Cushion System options include:
  • a sewn, zipped or welded cover
  • a foam or inflatable inner

Surprisingly, the skin can become vulnerable to pressure after only half an hour and even those who are chair-bound temporarily are at risk of developing sores.

SupaSupport pressure relief systems minimise cross infection and hygiene problems which have recently become major issues facing Health Service providers across Europe. Systems are available in a range of materials and support levels to provide maximum comfort.